Anime of the Season: Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

As you may know I am a  big anime fan and as I have  watched so many anime that I  always come across something  each season that I can recommend that totally stands out from the rest. That being said I bring you  Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan).  This is a story based of humans surviving and  fighting  for their lives against the  giants (titans). Yes, its a bit  gruesome as  titans  do feed on the humans. The basic premise of the story is that country and its citizens has been caged within their city walls for 100 years and created their little towns of their own. Imagine not being  able to go outside of the world to see and explore things. These  humans don’t even know what  the world is, you can see even children trying to understand why it means to be outside the city walls. Meanwhile, the citizens have lived  in peace until finally the titans  are able  to break through the city walls losing one town in the beginning… hence the  war begins between titans and humans…

The show itself introduces you to all the sorts of character, actually quite interest how each character is quite different. you will also get to meet the  military  forces that protect their cities.  My favorite  is the Survey Corps,   because they are out there in the real world trying to understand more about the titans and what their objective are. They are the main group that fights them head on first as well doing research on the titans weaknesses.  I absolutely  the green cape with representing the wings of freedom and don’t forget Captain Levi… Episode 22  sealed  the deal for me that  he is my favorite character now. Just love the character development and how fast pace it gets in this show.

 I  can tell you animation is very sharp, and the action scenes are great. Character development is there but its I guess sometimes with the way the story line goes and  I will get to know a character  then the next thing you know they end up dead… You just never know who will survive on this show… it has me on the edge of seat sometimes and even  if I don’t bond with all the characters in the story, the show itself is still able to give me that feeling of  despair when the humans lose and that glimmer of  hope when they have the slight advantage.  So far there has been 22 episodes and its on going but I can tell you from Episode 1 i was seriously  hooked… I  completely recommend the anime itself, its really worth watching. While I could cover the show more in depth, I think  its better for you to watch it yourself because any more details would give out spoilers, seriously. Each episode I have watched so far is worth it and has you understanding the anime more and more.

I have  included  two  Opening videos  for you from the show. The first one is the first opening is more about struggle and despair and the second one is more about hope and having the victory. I love both but I think my favorite is the second video… maybe its because I love survey corps  because they get all the action lol, to me me it feels more like an honor and salute song for their military which is how I relate to it.  Don’t forget if you hit the Captions on the videos you will be able to see the English  subs of the lyrics to the song. Anyways  go ahead and check it out,  you can watch this on either  or Leave your comments below and let me know what you think of the show itself.  I always open to discussing the anime and yes there are English subs in the show  but that is the only ay I watch anime. I prefer watching  original with Japanese voices and English subs.

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