Angel Card of the Day- Peaceful

The card of the day  comes from  Saints and Angels Deck Doreen Virtue and the card is Peaceful!  I love this card! And since its Friday,   its  a way to say its time to relax as the weekend is coming up in just a few  hours here. Take the time to relax and  unwind anyway you can… even if it means that you have  do something a bit different  out of the norm.   Does that mean you have to hang out with others?  Nope , in fact  it might mean you need a  some  peace and quiet for yourself and not be around  others for a bit and that is  ok.  Go ahead make some Me time for yourself, you deserve a  little peace and quiet now and again.

On the other hand maybe you are stressed, distracted, angry, frustrated etc..  What if you are caught up  in a situation that  you don’t know what to do or know how to handle? Well   this card is telling you to step back and breathe a bit.  Don’t   keep running the scenario over  in your head because it won’t do you any good other than cause you more stress and frustrations  that you don’t want more of anyways.
Rather step back, and  get yourself in a more calm relaxed  state of mind. Then when you get some alone  time to yourself,  take a deep look within in yourself to find the answer.   Sometimes we  know what the answer is  and we know what to do but are afraid to do it  because it might be hurtful to others  but the truth it is when  we are look within ourselves  we  know our own truth. Accepting that  answer we find in  ourselves is can be a big challenge. Even if the answer  might hurt others, its important that they are able to see your view point in things. This card basically is saying even if they can’t accept your view of things now doesn’t mean they won’t later. When the time is right, they will understand what you mean  but  what matters right now is that you are able to say what you need to say to them.  Don’t  hold things in anymore , say what is that you need to say to others  so you can  feel finally let go of what has  been eating inside of you. After all, it is probably thier stuff  and their mess so its best to give it back to them ot deal with.  It’s their lesson to learn not yours.

 Just remember, speaking up  will help up find your own inner peace. So don’t be afraid ,  be yourself and show who you are. You will achieve your own peace  by just accepting who you are and saying what is on your own mind.Many blessings everyone, hope this helps you, if you have any questions  or comments  please let me know below. Have a blessed weekend  ūüôā

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