Angel Card- New Beginnings For Your Life

 Hi  Everyone,
           It’s time for  an Angel card today. Christopher this weekend wanted to do cards and he was pretty much  bugging me until I pulled out the deck of cards he wanted to work with. He  said that he had a message for  people today.  I don’t know how often I will do the cards but  whenever  Chris is ready to  say I want to do cards I am sure we will pick a  card to share on here.  So Our card  today is New Beginnings which comes from  The Healing With the Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.

   Are you feeling lost , in pain and  don’t know what to do?  Have you been thinking of  “What  could I have done to fix  the situation? Could I have prevented this situation from happening to me?    Why did the situation happen the way  it did?? Why am I this hurt from what happened? ” Or  could be that you are still a bit upset with the situation itself with thoughts like “I don’t  deserve to be treated  this way! It  shouldn’t have  happened to me! This is punishment,  why universe? Why are you punishing me?” All this constant worrying , wondering and feeling  upset is  a form of negativity that needs to be released.  In other words Christopher  is saying “Let go of all that stuff that is causing you  pain now.  Be open to a new beginning in your life because there is one. You don’t need to be over thinking  or allowing the past of something to haunt you. By looking at the past all the time, you are  actually dig up pain from the past that no longer serves you.”  Realistically, we can’t change the past. If we  could all go back in time  like the Back to the Future movie with Michael Fox to fix things that would be great.  Unfortunately we can not do that.  So  now its time let go of the past, and focus in on the now.

   This card also asks you to take the time to try something new in your life.  Don’t be afraid of  doing something out of the ordinary.  Trying something new can give you a  boost of self confidence.  Self confidence is important because the more confident we are in ourselves , the more  we are able to see the positive in our own life.  Whatever you decide to do , don’t hold yourself back any longer. Stop going around in circles in your own life. In other words,  if you are  doing the same  old routine over and over again and you aren’t getting the result you want from it , then don’t be afraid to change it.  This card is  telling you to make that change.  It’s time for something new! When we change things around  in our environment , we can  create  even more blessings  around us.  The more we experience different things in our life the better our life can be because  we will also be in the process of learning more  about  our own self . Try something new now, you’ll be surprised at what you can learn from doing something different every so often. And the best thing out of this whole process is  that you will create a  brand new you that you will absolutely love! So take the chance and start your own  new beginning now because the  doors of opportunity are right there and waiting for you to open them. ūüôā

 Many blessings  everyone, Don’t forget to share your thoughts, let me know what you think  What is the last new thing you have tried in your life? How recent was that?


  1. degirljt says:

    Please tell Christopher thank you for doing the cards as it does ring true to what I sometimes feel. I just bought me a hot stones massage kit and hope to be able to enjoy learning and using these.

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    awesome glad to hear that this card rings true to you. Glad to hear that you are using hot stones massage kit to help you release stress ūüôā I am going ot be starting an aromatherapy line pretty soon in my shop so cant wait to make more stuff ūüôā

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