Degrees and Education

  • B.A in Liberal Studies ( Cal State Fullerton, CA)
  • Multiple Subject Credential (Cal State Fullerton, CA)
  • Spirit Communication Certification (San Macros, CA)
  • Physical Mediumship Certification ( San Macros, CA)
  • Mental Mediumship Certification (San Macros, CA)

Hello! My real name is Joyce but I go by Joelle as my professional name which was given to me when I was studying French in high school. Since then I have worked under name Joelle but I do answer to both names of course! In this section, I hope to give you a bit more insight about me and my work.

For over 25 years, I have worked as a psychic on various internet sites to help empower people in making better choices in their lives. I have been open to learning all metaphysical ways in providing the healing touch we need in our lives. My gifts come from my father’s side of the family. I have always known I had the gift but it took some time for me to realize how truly blessed I was to be naturally gifted. Through special psychic courses done in San Diego area, I have come to realize that my psychic abilities are a blessing in healing others. I became more aware of how to enhance my abilities and worked along side of various teachers through San Diego county. Hence, I have gotten certificates in reading as psychic medium, tarot certification and certified in using other tools to do readings such as performing platforming messaging, flower readings, Angel messaging and psychometry readings. I am also considered a physical trance medium which I do naturally and effortlessly on a daily basis with my guides. I do have access to connect with Angels, Saints and Archangels as well as I actually work under Archangel (Saint) Michael and have been channeling him for many years although it is St.Christopher (the Saint of travels) that comes through the most during readings.

I have also worked across many internet sites in the past where I have been tested and approved before being hire on a website. After thousands of readings, I average 4.9 out 5 stars in accuracy, and delivery of the content of details in readings. I am best known for my honesty. It is very important to me that I am very real with my clients and in some cases it may upset them ( which I am aware) but in the end of it I have learned my honesty in readings is my success as psychic. This has been my building block of my long term clients for years to come. A client will also find getting a reading with me means I do not do cold readings. I consider myself a “hot medium” which means asking specific questions is the best way for me to dive right into any reading. After all, life is like a book and there is so much to cover that I find turning to a page where a client needs real answers is the most effective way to explain why things are the way they are, and if its a specific person, I help a client understand their personality to a T so they have the necessary tools to help them on their life path.

When getting a reading with me in chat, I will rely messages quickly and efficiently. If you decide to skype with me and do video chatting, not only do you have the opportunity to meet me but my guides might just come in and say hello to you as well. This is where you will see my voice changing as I am allowing my guides to answer your questions instead of me doing the work. It’s a rare chance to get to see this kind of ability of mine and if you are completely open to it, I will allow my guides to help guide you through your session on their own. The guides you will get to meet in the sessions are as follows: St. Christopher, David, Sarah, Jason and John. Please note, I ask your permission first before doing trance readings. We can always go straight into regular readings during Skype sessions as well. I am open to both formats.

I also have a degree in Multiple Subject Credential where I have been a substitute teacher for grades K-8th. I have enjoyed the experience as public school teacher and loved working with children. After years of being a sub teacher, I realized it became very difficult to find a permanent position as a full-time teacher. I was doing both psychic readings and teaching at the current time. After a while, I realized that connecting with the universe by working with angels and spirit guides was my true calling. That is why I am here today, to help others that truly need that guiding light. It has been the best decision I have made as it made me realize who I am today.

In 2012, I opened a shop called Joie Joelle Creations. This shop caters to handmade magical products made by me. I have been studying more on magic and how create magic products to bring the positive in people’s lives. The shop itself focuses more on beeswax spell candles. They are custom made for special intentions and I send energy through each candle that gets ordered. From there, I have worked on opening aromatherapy products. While my shop may be small, I slowly added more products. I have found my passion as a store owner and I truly love doing psychic readings as well as running my shop. If you ever have any questions please feel free to email me.

I am truly here to help you and guide you to the best of my ability. When you are open to all sorts of possibilities, life itself can be truly a blessing! Let your true self shine! I can guide you to live a life full of joy, peace, and happiness. May the light shine on you and send many blessings your way! I look forward to working with you.

Love & Light,
Joyce (Joelle)


    • Joyce says:

      Yes I always visitthe Biddy Tarot website from time to time. I even been in their community classes in the past. Great info for anyone needing to learn tarot, highly recommend! ūüôā

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