4th of July Buttermilk Pie

 My  first  attempt at  making  buttermilk  pie  for the family bbq.  It wasn’t completely   flawless when I tried the  test  pie the night before because the bottom of the crust was  not  cooked all the way.  I  found out that   it was probably due to the cookie  sheet  I used. I was thinking it be eaiser to  take the pie out with a cookie sheet than  just directly out  of the oven.  Well my dad  told me  if the first pie  was having  problems its possible that  the cookie sheet was  blocking  the heat from going directly to the bottom of the pie.  It’s probably why the  crust was not  fully cooked the first time.

So on a last minute attempt because both pies were  half way done, I  took out the pies  then I placed them back in  the oven on the rack.  I think I  was a bit nervous here because I  was not sure if  the  pies would be fully cooked.  My dad was  joking to me about how I always rely on the Universe to make my  desserts taste  good lol!!! Actually, its true because I was always  think of the  last minute things to create for the first time to family events.  I ended  up cooking the  pies  for an extra 30 minutes in oven compared to  what the  recipe stated, the buttermilk looked was already golden brown so I took it out. I  did pray over the  pies asking the universe to make it  delicious lol.  Mean while my mom’s spirit was laughing and teasing me again  and I told my mom “Come on Mom, you’re up there now so please make my  pie delicious!” ūüėČ

The end result… a  perfect pie, crust came out beautifully the balance of cream fruit and custard  just worked.  Fresh heavy cream was the way to go. I dont like super sweet desserts so this really worked and my entire family loved it.  And you know what was super cute? A 10 year old girl at the party was  staring and waiting so  patiently for my pie.  My aunt gave her the first slice too. She was super happy, said it was delicious!  Heck she waited  to eat a slice before she  went up stairs to take a bath. Too bad  she fell asleep in the bath tub lol. Someone  had to wake her  up ūüėČ

  Did  you think I leave without  giving  you the recipe?  Nah, wouldnt do that to you guys so here is the link for it. The only thing  I  changed was instead  of  1 cup of sugar  I did  3/4 cup of sugar otherwise it worked out great! The Universe  helped me again, so thank you  Spirit and my  mom up there to help me make such an awesome dessert!

Here’s the recipe link: Buttermilk pie

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  1. ariella42 says:

    That looks perfect and delicious! I've never had buttermilk pie, but the recipe sounds good. I'm not a huge fan of super sweet deserts either, but perhaps I'll give this a try;.

    • Joelle Chan says:

      I never had buttermilk pie either. The only pie I know how to make is pumpkin pie lol… so I decided to see what kind of pies I could make for the July 4th so I ran across this recipe… Every Easy to make and she is right you dont need to add sugar to the whip cream either. I tried it plain and though it was a tad too sweet but when you add the fruit and cream it balances it all the way around so I recommend it. ūüôā

  2. Handmade Cuties says:

    I wish someone would make this for me. This looks sooo yummy but I'm terrible in the kitchen. I'll just dream about it for now.

    I got your blog link for the Interactive Blogging Team and I'm so happy to have stopped by.

    • Joelle Chan says:

      Awww give it a try, you don't have to worry about being terrible in the kitchen… as long as you have fun trying to make it , I think that is what matters ūüôā Practice makes things perfect too so the more you practice in the kitchen the more familiar you become with concepts of cooking or baking. That's how i learned and i love doing both cooking and baking. I just hate cleaning, i make such a mess sometimes lol… that's why my mom used to tell me not to touch her kitchen, she doesnt want to clean up my mess even if the food is good LOL

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