100 Sales Milestone!

I am excited my shop on Etsy has  reached the 100 sales sooner than I thought.  My initial plan was to give  my shop 1 year  to make this mark  because I wasn’t sure  how it would do.  Not to mention, I was thinking that 1 year would be sufficient enough for me to see if I had anything special there. So its a real big celebration for me to see that this past weekend I  had  made it.  I didn’t start putting any items up until May  to be honest and I remember  me making my first sale  that week as soon as I put it up! So that was a surprise to me as I  was so new to Etsy and I didn’t  know how things worked on there like  I do now.

 What makes  me excited is  when someone  is willing  to try  a new item in my store or when  finally a candle  that hasn’t had a sale yet finally makes a sale.  Last week,  my  Prosperity that has been out for months finally made  its first sale so I have to say that is great. It’s nice to see a change that  someone is willing to give a  different product a chance! Prosperity candles are great. They  provide the  every flow of abundance in your life.  Giving a nice balance of making sure you are stable in all areas of  your life.

 Another candle that is finally getting a sale  this week is my New Love candle.   This candle attracts the right  person to come to you. So if you new a flame or someone  new in your life, or even build new friendships, this  is definitely a candle to try out as well. The attraction oil I made works great on anything you want to attract so  imagine the  possibilities with it. Attract what you want in life with the attraction oil.

 Slowly my  bath salts are taking noticed. I made a few sales here  so if you need to  get that relaxation going , try them out. My favorite is the  Love  Bath Salts.  Also  I never realized that there was actually coloring that was great for bath salts. In the  past, I used food color to bring  out the color and  honesty I  did not like it because it was getting a  bit messy for me to make it. After  doing some research, I  brought a sample of the  bath color powders and once again I didn’t realize they had different types of  bath colorings either. So goodness I am really learning here about my  how to enhance my  products even more. So here  is the original  red bath color powder I brought which  I think it  turned out great, a nice deep red.  

Then   they were actually out of yellow  bath  color  powder so I went with what they called Gold Mica  Powder which  as a  bit sparkle  or glitter in it . It’s a bit lighter  than I what I expecting but it turned out nicely for my happiness bath salts.

 Another  self  discovery again was learning  to  improve my  room  sprays. Generally I  was going to two have  2 different  formulas one for perfume and one for room  spray!   The  thing that bothered me the most was essential  oil and  water always  separate. Of course I would also have  to wait for things to seep and blend  accordingly and I was thinking that I did not want alcohol in my products as there are people out there that have sensitive skin and I am trying to  make  one product that works for everyone. Hence, after careful research I came across  Fragrance and Essential Oil Modifier  which actually helps  blend the  essential  oils into  the water!  I couldn’t believe it because it works great and to top it off  I needed to  turn it into  a room spray and I came across the  Multi spray concentrate  that works great  for  both  perfume and room spray. So yes, I finally  was able to make  a  product that does both perfume and  room spray at the same time. When testing on my skin it was completely natural. No alcohol in the bases which means no irritating on the skin if you decide to spray it on yourself.  Totally awesome! And this week both  of these sprays have sold which is exciting for me to see. More Sprays will be coming out soon. I have Love Thyself and Happiness sprays almost ready to go here so can’t wait to bring it out to both Storenvy and Etsy.

I love the fact that the research has paid off and slowly but surely my sales are growing in my store. Thank you  everyone  for helping reach my 100 sales mark. I am very grateful to come this far in such a short amount of time. I hope to bring more products for you to enjoy in my store.


  1. Jen | Acts of Craftiness says:

    Congratulations on your 100th sale! I still remember the day I got mine.

    I know sales numbers aren't the only way to measure success in business, but they sure do help keep you excited about all the hard work it takes to create your products and keep your business going. You'll hit 200 before you know it!

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    Awww thanks Jen… yes I couldnt believe hit the mark already and gradually getting the sales makes me feel good about what I making for my store.. cant wait for me to reach 200 sales, I will get there ūüôā

  3. Kamara Larry says:

    Congratulations on surpassing 100 sales!!! I for one who LOVES your candles am not in the least bit surprised that you were able to reach this milestone so soon. You have such a great product, your candles are the best, really nice oils, great service, and overall positivity, it is a recipe for success! I am so incredibly happy for you and I love seeing your shop grow and expand! Keep up the good work!

  4. Joelle Chan says:

    Thank you Kamara,
    I never thought I hit those 100 sales that soon… and slowly the sales come in the way I can handle the orders so I am not overwhelmed so thank goodness for that. Thank you for being so supportive in my work, i absolutely love doing what I do, as I put lots of love into everything that I make for people. I have fun making them too! ūüôā

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